Description of the painting by Niko Pirosmani “Giraffe”

Pirosmani is a Georgian artist who spent his whole life in poverty and obscurity. Only after his death he was declared an innovator, and his paintings began to enjoy success. In the meantime, he was alive, he painted signs and painted window frames, made wall panels and, due to lack of money for paper, painted on black and white oilcloths, which were plenty in drinking establishments and taverns, where he usually spent the night - of his house he never had.

He adhered to the style of primitivism, never studied anywhere, once fell in love with a visiting actress and presented her with many red roses - after many years the famous song “A Million Red Roses” was written about this story. In life, as in the song, it ended sadly - the actress did not reciprocate and left Tbilisi.

Pirosmani's paintings are characterized by a peculiar seal of sadness and hope. They glorify a better world, a simple, almost children's world, where everyone is doing well, and where everything is very clear, but at the same time, looking at them, the viewer understands that this world, even if it exists, was infinitely far from the artist and his life.

"Giraffe" - one of the paintings depicting animals, typical for Pirosmani. The giraffe is neatly written, very minimalist, without extra colors and decorations. He stands three quarters of a turn, on a dirty green earth, under a white and blue sky, and looks at the viewer sadly and inquiringly.

Pirosmani was said about animals that they had his eyes - if so, then the artist’s eyes were sad and very attentive. The giraffe looks with a certain question, a little bewildered, with wisdom hiding at the bottom of the eyes, and he himself is black and white, and not yellow-black, as a giraffe should be - it is quite possible that the artist simply did not have enough yellow paint to paint over his.

There is sadness and hidden hope from the picture - when you look at it, you most of all want to stroke the giraffe over a smart head.

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