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Editorial board
Editor in Chief Prof. Dr. Adel Hadi Al- Baghdadi
Edition Secretary Prof. Ali Hmood Al- Sa'di
Member Prof. Ahmed Mahmoud Abdul –Latif.
Member Prof. Basim Muftin Al- Shimmeri.
Member Prof. Amer Saeed .
Member Prof. Abdul-Gani Abdul-Fattah .
Member Prof. Hameed Hassoon Bjeya .
Member Prof. Adnan Hashim .
Member Prof. Muhammad Al-Izari .
Member Prof. Nahida Mahmood
Member Prof. Ra'id Al-Khadhar
Member Prof. Akram Fajir
Member Prof. Dr. Mahmood Hussein Sagban
Member Prof.Ali Al-Sheerabaz
Member Prof. Shukrya Shadhan
Member Dr.Muhammed Ryadh Hamza

Editorial Secretary
Editorial Secretary Zainab Jawad Abd Al- Hussian .
Editorial Secretary Alyaa Jabbar Majeed.
Editorial Secretary Haider Faisl Jihad.
Editorial Secretary Zahraa Sabah Salih.
Editorial Secretary Assad Mahdi Abd Al-Ameer
Advisory Board

Member Prof. Yehya Tawfiq Al-Rawi
Member Prof.Haider Kamil Zeydan
Member Prof.Sabah Al- Rubeyi
Member Prof.Tawfiq Abdul Khaliq
Member Prof.Nameer Abdul Ameer Alwash
Member Prof.Abbas Hussein Jawad
Member Prof.Thamer khudeir Merza
Member Prof.Su'ad Hadi Al- Tai
Member Prof.Fu'ad Kettana
Member Prof.Ihsan Lash
Member Prof.Rafat Kamoosh
Member Prof.Raja'a Kamil


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